Years ago, when I embarked on my photographic journey, uncertainty clouded my path. Experimenting with street photography, portraits, events, and conceptual shots, I yearned to fuse my love for cars with my passion for photography. Skepticism surrounded the idea of entering the world of motorsport photography—many insisted it was a realm reserved for a select few.

Today, however, I stand triumphant. Starting with extreme offroad, navigating through offroad rally raids and rallies, my focus now lies on both modern and historic races.

Yet, it’s the vintage cars that captivate me the most, perhaps because the automotive realm of the past pulsated with the hearts of designers, mechanics, and drivers.


Throughout this journey, I’ve remained loyal to Sony; although, once upon a time, it was Minolta. The essence of Minolta lingers in Sony cameras, and the Japanese company’s acquisition of this iconic photography brand has proven to be a brilliant idea.