Photos are with me since childhood. And they will stay with me 'til the end.

I'm the photographer, specialising mainly in motorsport and black and white reportage. Some say that I'm one of the most respected motorsport photographers (in fact, some Finns says so, and because they have petrol instead of blood, that's huge honor for me). I photographed the legendary Ladoga Trophy rally and many others.

Why I'm often get rid of the "color"? To emphasise emotions, especially human ones, but I believe there are more reasons. Black and white enables imagination, it changes the way how people can see the world.

Welcome to my world. With my own rules. Trust me, and I can promise that you'll be happy with final results.

Mika Pietrus

I'm working with
Rally Organizers
I'm often part of organizer media team. That gives me possibility to shoot all the participants. My own tools let me propose the most convenient workflow. I'm able to send almost "live" images from specific stages.
Rally Teams
Working with rally team is extremely difficult, because I need to follow the team on the road/track. I have own positioning system, before I'm going deeply in maps to verify the best possible places to meet the car.
Everybody else
All is possible (almost)
If you have interesting idea, please contact me. There's a chance that we can do something together, because really almost all is possible. Why almost? I'm not shooting weddings, family events, etc.
My work
Take a look at my portfolio.  These are just few photos divided into categories: motorsport, art&people. Of course I'm changing the images, adding new ones, removing other ones. Please also scroll down to latest news section, because I'm adding there some galleries from current work. Enjoy!
Art & People
Latest news
Lot of things are happening in my life. Stay tuned to know what's going on. Maybe it's worth?

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