Photos are with me since childhood. And they will stay with me 'til the end.

I shoot people. I shoot sport. I  shoot places.
Check below some of my photo Projects. 


This amazing offroad competition takes place in Latvia (Madona area). Participants needs to have great skills in navigation, open mind and lot of energy to survive that really difficult days. Congratulations to all the teams and organizers!

Co-drive day with Krzysztof Hołowczyc

There are people in motorsport you just want/have to work with. Krzysztof is definitely one of them. What wikipedia says: Krzysztof Wiesław Hołowczyc; born 4 June 1962 in Olsztyn, Poland) is a Polish rally driver. He won the Polish Rally Championship in 1995, 1996 and 1999 and the European Rally Championship in 1997. More? Hołowczyc […]

Little Pleasures

What are little pleasures? The ability to enjoy the little things. “Little Pleasures” are also two singers singing together. These is the effects of our photo session in summer 2020.

Mazurska Przeprawa 2020

That’s what organizers wrote: “After spring thaws and thaws in Masurian land, there is something to do on special stages with floating meadows, endless peat bogs, tight and dark gorges and slippery traverses”. And you know what? They didn’t lie. It was amazing 24h competition, with great people. More photos:

You Can’t Win With Nature

Nature is the greatest force in the world. You can’t win, you can only cooperate. Photos from training of Marcin Łukaszewski (driver) and Piotr Kujawski (co-driver) from off-roadSPORT Rally Team.

In The Sound Of Empty Space

On stage: Marta Andrzejczyk, Ewa Pawlak, Paweł Szymański. They performed the show in empty hall as the vote in discussion about COVID-19 restrictions.

Spring of ’69

Spring 2020 will be unforgettable, just like the whole year. Memories … Wouldn’t it be better to remember the world as we remember year ’69?

Lockdown Training

We all knows how difficult is to survive lockdown. To not be able to do what we love, what we used to do. But thankfully, there’s a day when all looks little bit normal. Sun, sand, dust, noise, smell of gasoline. Emotions. Simply, fun. We need little bit of normality.

Feel the Vibrations

What’s the most important while shooting motorsport? To feel the vibrations. When all the body reacts on noise of engines. Then you’re part of small sport universe, then you don’t have to think. At the end you look into the camera and see that you had good day.

Woman the Verb

If you want to put your audience in a good mood with taste, but also a note of predation – Woman the Verb recital – is the position just for you. It is a real melting pot of poetry combined with a dry juggling emotions derived directly from the hells of a female soul, adorned […]

Love Story

“Love Story” directed by Agnieszka Reimus Knezevic based on selected texts by William Shakespear.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization in Poland raising money for pediatric and elderly care. The GOCC Foundation holds American Heart Association certification to provide courses in CPR and AED, and for the use of high technology for medical lifesaving. The GOCC aims to support health care in […]

Lead Time

It is an emotional meeting of women who after many years have the need to organize their past. The daughter of the assassination victim (Marta Andrzejczyk) and the relatives of the terrorist – sister (Izabela Mańkowska-Salik) and mother (Aga Reimus-Knezevic) fight social, media and psychological stigmatization.

Helsinki City Lights

City at the sea, city of lovely people, city of the mood which I can’t explain. I love to walk over the streets of the city, just looking around and even in rainy days there’s always something great. That series I shot on November 2019.

Paweł Szymański Album Cover

I love music, it’s part of my life. Shooting great musician, Paweł Szymański, was great adventure. We were trying to merge image with music, to give the people possibility to hear the music before listen to CD.

Zmota Challange

Challenging route full of gorges, huge glacial boulders, private forests and countless wet meadows, swamps and peat awaits Zmota Challenge participants.

Autumn Girls

Warmth, colors. This can be autumn. Each season has its own charm and something amazing can be seen in each season.

Cormorant Night

Almost 24 hours to finish the race. Tiredness, cold, emotions. All I need!

Offroad Invasion

Organizers of rally in Reszel says: Rally in Reszel is for tough guys. People who, despite failure, injury … are fighting. Most importantly, according to FAIR PLAY rules. I can only say. Very true!

NEZ Madona Latvia

Offroad Rally in Madona is the part of the NEZ4x4 competition. I wish to see so many fans on other offroad competiotions.

From my perspective, world is going into internet reality. It's the fact. Key is to be prepare for that.


I did my first web in 1996. Am I internet dinosaur?


My brain has to do something. Always.

I'm developing new ideas, find new projects. 

Together 2020

The time to fight the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus is difficult for all of us. We, photographers, also felt the effects, often losing overnight assignments planned for months. However, we are able to do a lot for the world, showing how it looked in these difficult moments. Together 2020 is a call […]

Lake Of My Dreams

In 2012, Marcin Łukaszewski was fourth at the finish line of the legendary Ladoga Trophy offroad rally, considered to be the most difficult one in the world. Since then, he has been repeating that he will come back to this incredible place near St. Petersburg, where he has one thing to do. To win. I […]

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Mika Pietrus - a photographer specializing mainly in black and white reportage. One of the most respected motorsport photographers, he photographed the legendary Ladoga Trophy rally, cooperating with the team of the Polish Champion, European Vice-Champion of FIA CEZ, Marcin Łukaszewski.
Creator of the photographic initiative 'Together 2020', juror of this project.
In his works, he often gets rid of the "color" to emphasize emotions, especially human ones.
On top, crazy about details!

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