Together 2020

The time to fight the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus is difficult for all of us. We, photographers, also felt the effects, often losing overnight assignments planned for months.

However, we are able to do a lot for the world, showing how it looked in these difficult moments.

Together 2020 is a call for all photographers! All people who managed to capture in the pictures what Poland’s reality looks like during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Send us your work illustrating what an epidemic threat looks like: life on the streets, sport in times of pandemic and the opportunity to practice it, how cultural life looks like, how regular life looks like, or profesional life looks like.

Finally, the jury will select the best photographs that will be placed in a Book Album commemorating current events. Total revenue from the sale of Album Together 2020 will be allocated to support artists.

I’m founder of the Project.

Please visit for more details.